Phil Donahue: Trump’s Crowds ‘Very Angry,’ ‘Scared White People’

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” veteran talk show host Phil Donahue said the crowds Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is attracting are “white, scared,” and “very angry.”

When asked about Donald Trump’s appeal, Donahue said, “This is this is fascinating phenomenon in American politics. What I find most interesting is the crowds he draws, they’re all white… almost exclusively. It’s a big country and we have lots of ethnicity more than any other nation on earth but it’s a white crowd. They’re South, they’re Rocky Mountain West and they’re scared. They’re very angry. finally, they’ve got somebody speaking for them. He’s up against all these gray figures in the same kind of clothes and the same boring ties and black, dark suits. he’s like a guy with a top hat and cane jumping out of a cake. He’s riveting. He owns media. you guys can’t — the reliable sources can’t wait to put them on the front page of their newspaper.”

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