Video: Cryotherapy Manager Found Frozen to Death in Cryo-Chamber

A Nevada cryotherapy manager was found frozen inside a cryo-chamber that did not turn off over night.

According to KSNTV,  the police report says 24-year-old Chelsea Ake was found by a co-worker “frozen in solid ice.” Firefighters had to crack the ice to free Ake’s body from the chamber. The chamber was set to minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit and it is believed Ake fell asleep in the chamber, which had been running for around ten hours before being discovered by the co-worker.

Head of the UMC Hospital emergency room Dr. Carrison said of the tragic death, “Nitrogen in your body can displace the oxygen in your lungs. Simply because of weight and what it is so if you don’t have the proper oxygen you are just going to sleep.”

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