Steinem: Planned Parenthood Attack a Right-Wing Attempt to Restore Male Domination

Tuesday on PBS’s “Tavis Smiley,” feminist activist and journalist Gloria Steinem said the opposition on federal funding for Planned Parenthood as part of a backlash against the organization after videos of Planned Parenthood employees negotiating the sale price of fetal tissue was “an ultra right-wing attempt to restore” the male-dominant system.

Steinem said, “You know, Planned Parenthood is one of, and maybe by some measures, the single most popular supported organization in the country because it has helped so, so, so many people. Something like one in five. You know, it’s huge. The attack on it is, you know, only about 1 percent of what they do has anything to do with abortion. But it is part of an ultra right-wing attempt to restore the basis of patriarchy or a male-dominant system and the necessity of a long-term racist system which is controlling reproduction. And to control reproduction, you have to control the bodies of women. Women now are doing nothing less than seizing control of the means of reproduction. It even sounds radical, right, and it is. It’s deep. It’s very deep.”

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