Watch: Judge Jeanine Denounces Obama Over Syrian Refugee Comments

During her opening statement Saturday in Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped President Barack Obama for using the “religion card” in his comments regarding the welcoming of Syrian refugees into the United States.

Pirro scolded Obama for “preaching” what Americans’ values should be, and for being more angry with reporters for asking questions on the behalf of the people than he is at the “ISIS barbarians.”

“We’re not afraid of the truth. We are not afraid of Syrian refugees, most of whom are playing ISIS. What we are afraid of radical Islamists who hide among Syrians to enter our home land. Instead of reassuring us, you say we are popping off? You’re more angry with reporters who are asking questions on our behalf than you are the ISIS barbarians, and you preach what our values should be. That we can’t slam the door on refugees as if we’re cold hearted creatures. You, yourself said we spend more than any other country on humanitarian aid. And don’t play the religion card that we’re not Christian if we don’t do what you want. It’s the individual who turns the other cheek, not the government. It’s the individual who is supposed to be charitable, not the government.”

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