Trump on Shooting Someone Not Affecting His Poll Numbers: My Loyalty Factor Is Close to 90%

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump doubled down when asked about saying he could shoot someone and his supporters would not abandon him Trump said, “I have a very great group of people,” adding his “loyalty factor” is close to 90 percent.

Partial transcript s follows:

DICKERSON: “Good morning, Mr. Trump, thanks for joining us. You said yesterday you could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue wouldn’t lose voters. You’re that confident?”

TRUMP: “Well, I have a very great group of people, John. I have people that are so loyal that it’s been so reported, even in your poll. But in a lot of polls they do that, the loyalty factor. My factor is up when you add it all up it’s close to 90 percent these are people ha that just won’t leave. They will not leave. I love my people. It’s a great thing. It’s a great thing. Far greater loyalty than any other candidate by double, triple quadruple. And I love my people.”

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