Buchanan: Trump Right To Drop Out — Fox Taunted, Baited, Disrespected Him

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was right to boycott Thursday night’s Fox News debate.

Buchanan said, “He’s got a perfect right to drop out of the debate. They baited him, they taunted him and they disrespected him in a mock news release and he simply decided—look if that’s the way you are going to treat me  go ahead have your debate and I’m not attending. I mean you got a perfect right to do that. CNBC I think has been dropped out of a debate because of the handling by the moderators. National Review has been dropped out of a debate after it launched an all out attack on Trump. And so Trump responds and says I’m not going to be in the debate. I think he’s made the right decision from his standpoint and I hope he stands by it.”

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