Cowherd: Hillary a ‘Fake’ Sports Fan, ‘Doesn’t Know Squat’

On the Monday Fox Sports 1 broadcast of “The Herd,” host Colin Cowherd reacted to President Barack Obama staying on Air Force One after landing to see the ending of Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

Guest co-host Joy Taylor said President Obama “gets a hard time for being a fake sports fan,” and Cowherd brought up Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, calling her a fake sports fan.

“You want to know who’s fake? Hillary,” Cowherd said. “When she [talks about sports], it’s horrible. She’s a politician to the core. Like, Bill Clinton really liked college basketball because he grew up with the Arkansas Razorbacks, who were really good in basketball, so Bill liked college basketball and he knew it. And I knew somebody that knew Clinton and they were like ‘He loves March Madness.’ Hillary doesn’t know squat.”

He then added that Secretary of State John Kerry also “doesn’t know squat about sports.”

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