Krauthammer: Those Who ‘Revel’ In the UK Recovering Sovereignty Could Discover UK Doesn’t Exist In a Decade

On Friday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union would lead to not only the EU’s dissolution, but also a UK that is only Wales and England after Northern Ireland and Scotland leave the UK.

After saying that looking at the success of the Brexit vote and believing it would grow in the US to the benefit of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was “too easy a translation.” Krauthammer stated that the EU’s problems “began long before the immigration wave.” He added that attempts at European, “became a bureaucratic monstrosity, which tried to add onto the economic union a political union that the people were never asked for. When they had the referendum, it was rejected, and the EU would go around it. So, it created a supernationalist institution that suppressed nationalism, of which you can only do for so long, and this is the first exit.”

Krauthammer then stated, “But the one thing I think that those who revel in this, and I understand why the British wanted to do it, it’s sort of it’s suppressed and it supplanted their own democracy, the most venerable in the world, is that I think it will lead to the break-up of the United kingdom. Apart from the EU, which I think, inevitably, will not survive, as a result of this. But Scotland wants out. Because it wants to be in the European Union. And think of Northern Ireland. It took decades to figure that out, to reconcile them. And as of today, if you’re in Northern Ireland, you can walk into the Republic of Ireland without a passport. It’s essentially your country. The minute that Britain leaves the EU, that becomes a frontier where you need a passport. The northern Irish are going to want to secede and join Ireland. We have a — I think in ten years you could have a Britain that is only Wales and England.”

He concluded, “I think those who revel in the recovery of the sovereignty of Great Britain, could discover that it doesn’t exist in ten years.”

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