Conway on Meeting With Hispanic Leaders: ‘Nothing Was Said That Differs From What Trump Said Previously’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” while commenting on a reports that said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump possibly reversed course on some of his immigration policy at a Saturday meeting with Hispanic leaders in New York, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said nothing was said that differs from what he said previously.

Conway said, “So what Donald Trump said in the meeting differed very little from what he said publicly including in his convention speech last month in Cleveland. We need a fair and humane way of dealing with what is estimated to be about 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. That was part of the discussion and it was robust. I have seen him animated in meetings like this where he is learning and taking notes and asking questions and receiving information. The rest of the conversation was about job creation and economic revitalization and the fact that small business growth among Hispanic and Latino Americans is on the rise. We talk about the inability to get access to capital and home ownership and religion and family being important. It was a very long and far reaching conversation. But nothing was said that differs from what Trump said previously.”

When asked if Trump wants a “deportation force,” Conway said, ” when you go back to his speech, what he supports is to enforce the law and we are respectful of those Americans who are looking for well paying jobs and we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country. As the weeks unfold, he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the United States.

Pressed on the deportation force Conway said, “To be determined.”

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