Dean: We Have Seen 30,000 of Hillary’s Emails — ‘Not One Damn Thing Has Been Found’

Tuesday on MSNBC, while discussing 15,000 previously unreleased emails surfacing from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, which could bolster pay-to-play accusations between then-Secretary Clinton’s State Department and her family’s organization, the Clinton Foundation, former Democratic National Committee chairman and former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) declared that “not one damn thing has been found” in any of those emails.”

Dean said, “Look, I’m on the advisory board for the Points of Light Foundation, which is George H.W. Bush’s foundation. That foundation was in place when George W. Bush was president. It never occurred to me that any meeting that George W. Bush may have had, had any benefit—the foundation—Points of Light Foundation is a great thing. So is the Clinton Foundation. This is a ridiculous notion. There is not a politician anywhere in America who hasn’t met with people who are big donors. Danny Abraham, has been big donor, not just to the Clinton Foundation but to Democratic causes for years. The question is, what was actually done for them other than a meeting, and the answer is nothing. This issue has been fake from the beginning.”

He continued, “We have seen 30,000 emails so far and not one damn thing has been found in any of them.”

He added, “We have seen nothing in 30,000 of them. I doubt we’re going to see anything of substance in the next 14,000. This is all the Republicans have. They have wasted $7 million of the taxpayers’ money. They’re going to waste a lot more in the next 77 days and this is not going to be an issue, except for people who don’t like Hillary Clinton.”

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