Sheila Jackson Lee: Trump’s ‘Abusive, Circus Like’ Immigration Speech ‘Was an Embarrassment’

Friday on MSNBC, while defending Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from her email controversy, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) attacked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying his immigration speech Wednesday was “the most abusive and circus-like speech one could have ever given” and that it “was an embarrassment.”

Jackson Lee said, “I would only make the argument about whether or not this is troublesome is that this process has been unfolding over a period of time after her tenure. There’s no question as to whether or not there was any breach that impacted the security of the American people while she served as secretary of state. And whether her actions as a top diplomat for America representing the president of the United States in any way undermine the status of the United States internationally, the very difficult agreements that she negotiated, the conversations that she had with heads of state.”

“Quite contrary to the debacle that Trump engaged in just two days ago where he embarrassed a nation, including himself, by having so-called confidential conversations or diplomatic conversations with the president of one of our strongest allies and then left that meeting, one with a lack of transparency on the discussion of the wall, and then went and gave the most abusive and circus-like speech one could have ever given, which did not reflect only on the meeting in Mexico, but it reflected in the minds and hearts of leaders around the world as to what kind of engager or diplomat he will be,” she continued. “It was an embarrassment, and I don’t think that has happened with Secretary Clinton.”

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