Listen: Hannity, Stephen A Smith Spar Over Tebow’s Future With Mets

Thursday on his radio show, conservative talker Sean Hannity clashed with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith over newly-signed New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow’s decision to play professional baseball.

Smith asked, “How in God’s name did Tim Tebow, who hasn’t played baseball since high school have 46 individuals from Major League Baseball teams, from 28 different teams, come and scout him …”

“First of all, he’s a phenomenal athlete than you’ve never given him credit for,” Hannity interrupted. “Secondly, you know this, too, he has worked his a** off. Let’s be honest here, to become an even better athlete. He tried hard to get back in the NFL.”

“He has not played baseball since high school,” Smith maintained.

Hannity then replied, “How about you give the guy a shot, isn’t this America? You believe in the American Dream, the American Dream that Barack Obama ruined for everybody?

The ESPN personality said he has seen Tebow swing and he “wasn’t that impressed,” adding Tebow would not make the Mets’ big league club after signing a minor league contract with them Thursday.

“I love the guy, he is passionate, he put in the time, the effort, the resources to build up his game and he’s getting a shot and you’re whining about him chasing his dream. You know what, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, Stephen A. Smith. You ought to be championing the American Dream because you are the embodiment of the American Dream. You live the American Dream. For somebody like you to be as successful as you are today, it’s a dream,” Hannity exclaimed.

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