Eric Trump on Iran Nuke Deal: We Gave $150 Billion to ‘a Country That Hates Our Guts’

Sunday on New York AM 970’s “The Cats Roundtable,” Eric Trump, son of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, ripped the Iran nuclear deal.

“Look at the Iran nuke deal where we give a country, a country like Iran that hates our guts — we give $150 billion to a country that doesn’t like our way of life. Doesn’t like our values. And every day they’re tormenting our warships,” Trump told host John Catsimatidis.

Later, he added, “By the way, John Kerry admitted that some of that money will be used against the U.S. from terrorist organizations. John Kerry admitted this. He admitted it, and it’s so sad. We have so many people who are struggling in our nation. We have schools that rank 30th in the world … we have so many issues in our country and we give $150 billion to a country that detests us. I can tell you that kind of silliness simply will not happen in a Trump administration. We’re better than that, we’re smarter than that. We should be tougher than that. That money could have been put to use in America and it’s so sad that it wasn’t.”

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