Dem Rep Yarmuth: Repealing Employer Mandate in Obamacare Would Be ‘Good for Working People’

Saturday, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) suggested to eliminate the employer mandate from Obamacare to cover more people and make it more affordable.

“I suggested to a Republican the other day, why don’t you just eliminate the employer mandate?” Yarmuth said on MSNBC. “It doesn’t appear to be necessary to make the Affordable Care Act work. That would be, I think, very popular with small business people across the country, would actually be good for working people because in [a] number of cases employers have messed around and cut hours for employees to try and avoid having to pay for their coverage, so it would be good for those employees. There were lots of ways, I think, we would work with them to make this a better functioning health care system.”

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