GOP Rep DeSantis on Mueller Probe: ‘Not Trying to Investigate a Crime,’ ‘Trying to Manufacture a Process Crime’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) rejected the notion that special counsel Robert Mueller has any investigative authority over President Donald Trump’s decisions, including those that some suggest could show an obstruction of justice.

According to DeSantis, given Mueller is an inferior executive branch officer and has no oversight authority. Therefore, Trump should not answer any questions from Mueller, and avoid being caught in a trap of a process crime.

“[Y]ou have a situation where Robert Mueller, he is a DOJ employee, effectively,” he said. So he has an inferior officer in the executive branch. What gives him the right to conduct oversight over basic presidential decisions? It has nothing to do with any type of criminal activity. What was in your mind when you talked about [Jeff] Sessions resigning or this or that? He does not have the right to subpoena the president for that. I don’t think the president should submit to those questions. And I agree with Alan Dershowitz and I agree with you, Sean, I think really they’re not trying to investigate a crime, they are trying to manufacture a process crime.”

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