Rush Limbaugh: Why So Much Anger at Donald Trump, So Much Less at Barack Obama?

Donald Trump’s opponents are enraged, deranged, unhinged and really ticked-off, yet there’s no similar reaction towards President Barack Obama, radio host Rush Limbaugh said April 11.

“Why is there no Obama derangement? …  why isn’t anyone as hellbent on stopping what the Democratic Party … is doing?” he asked.

The segment kicked off with a mention of the Boston Globe’s “fake news” coverage of a supposedly nightmarish United States under President Donald Trump. Progressives’ complaints about repatriations and border walls are out of place, he said. “Deportation and a wall are existing American law … immigration clearly defines when and who … deportation is to take place,” he added.

“This outsize rage … what is it about? …. What is it is that has caused this full-fledged derangement?… Some on our side too have become totally unhinged.”

Why “are people really ticked off about Donald Trump? … It all seems out of proportion to me,” Limbaugh said.

“There no energy, much less derangement … to stop Obama. Why is there no energy to stop Hillary?” he said.

Listen to the segment here.

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