Obama Celebrates Science Fair During Tough Talk On Islamic State

President Barack Obama has tough words for Islamic State terrorists, asserting that they are on the defensive as a result of his limited military actions.

“We have momentum, and we intend to keep that momentum,” Obama said during a visit to the CIA Headquarters in Virginia yesterday.

Obama cited his White House science fair as a reason why the terrorists would lose and America would win. He recalled spending time with the students earlier in the afternoon and marveled at the “hope that they want to bring and the light they want to shine to the entire world.”

“That’s who we are,” he said. “You can’t beat that.”

Obama argued that Islamic states terrorists were being taken off the battlefield, thanks to a series of drone strikes and air raids. That kind of power, he suggested, shook their resolve.

“Every day ISIL leaders wake up and understand that it could be their last,” he said.

Obama encouraged all Americans to go about their lives in spite of the ongoing threat posed by the Islamic State.

“In the face of madmen who only know how to kill, we’re going to keep on living our lives and trying to lift people up,” he said, pointing to American’s love of sporting events.

“We go to our stadiums. We cheer for our teams. We thrive in our cities,” he said. “We run our races, as they will next week in Boston.”

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