Hillary Clinton: ‘I Love Having the Support of Real Billionaires’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton says she loves having rich people support her.

“You know I love having the support of real billionaires,” Clinton said, during a speech in Florida.

“Um…” she paused, as the crowd applauded hesitantly.

Clinton praised the billionaires that were supporting her for president, claiming Donald Trump “gives a bad name to billionaires.”

She pointed out that Warren Buffett has repeatedly urged the government to raise his taxes and that Mark Cuban shared his profits with all of his employees.

Clinton cited billionaire Michael Bloomberg who’s called Trump a “con artist.”

“We’re going to raise taxes on the wealthy because they’ve gotten most of the gains from the economy,” Clinton said, again accusing Trump of paying zero taxes.

Clinton added, however, that she wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class beaches they “haven’t had the benefits that you should have had.”

She vowed not to raise taxes on people making $250,000 or less.

“You will not see your federal taxes raised. Period,” she said, referring to that income bracket.

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