Study: Car Stereotypes About Conservatives and Liberals Are True

The stereotype has been confirmed: Democrats buy fuel-efficient, oddly-named cars – mainly foreign – and Republicans tend to buy American-made gas-guzzling muscle cars, heavy SUVs, and trucks. Strategic Vision released a study yesterday showing the top five cars by political party:

            Democrats                                           Republicans

            1. Honda Civic Hybrid                       1. Ford Mustang Convertible

            2. Volvo C30                                    2. Audi A8

            3. Nissan Leaf                                   3. Mercedes GL

            4. Acura TSX Wagon                          4. Ford Expedition

            5. Ford Fiesta Sedan                          5. Ford F-150

Republicans prefer luxury cars, convertibles, minivans, and medium to large SUVs, as well as pickups – heavier as a general matter; Democrats prefer small cars, medium multi-function cars, and cars that run on alternative energy but are lighter.


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