In 1994 Axelrod Criticized Bush Happy Talking a Bad Economy, Golfing

Below is a fascinating piece of video from 1994 in which we get to hear chief Obama strategist David Axelrod criticize 2012's David Axelrod's reelection strategy:


One of the interesting things about this is that as you cite these statistics that say the economy is improving, you almost do political damage to yourself. If you stand up and claim great progress, you're only frustrating this alienated middle class more. And that was a key ...

Well, the other thing is that I think Bush tastelessly did it often from the ninth hole, from the cigar boat, and other places -- and the impression you got is that he was out of touch with the experience of the people.

Flash-forward to 2012, when Obama tells America the "private sector is doing fine" and Axelrod isn't even able to admit the the private sector is not doing fine and, uhm, "cites statistics that say the economy is improving..."

"The first quarter of this year was the best in terms of private sector job creation -- was the best in six years."

And talk about "tastelessly" championing your failed economy in "places" that give the impression you're "out of touch with the experience of the people" -- how about all those glitzy Hollywood fundraisers with George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker Obama's always attending?

So much for wisdom coming with age.

Usually your older self wants to go back in time to give sound advice to your younger self, not the other way around.


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