Gov. Cuomo Pushes Gun Control with NYC Homicides at 50-Year Low

Even as NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo begins his push for stricter gun control in his state, reports indicate that New York City -- the state's population capital -- has recorded its lowest numbers of homicides and shootings in 50 years. 

In other words, the laws on the books are already sufficient and the people are doing an effective job of policing themselves. 

As is so often the case, no new gun laws are needed, but they are being pursued by politicians in NY anyway.

And think about this -- The FBI reports that whereas homicides have been on the decline in major cities besides Chicago over the last few years, they have actually declined 4 percent faster in New York City than in other places. 

So not only is NY's crime is low, it's actually falling faster than crime in comparable places. Yet Cuomo is pushing more gun control.

This is very telling. It is a reminder to everyone that gun control isn't about guns, it's about control. 


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