Gun Control Dem: If 10 Rounds Isn't Enough, 'You're Probably Not Good Enough to Use 30 Rounds'

During a March 8 interview on "Mornings on the Mall" with Brian Wilson and Breitbart's Larry O'Connor on WMAL-DC, Democrat state senator Brian Frosh of Maryland defended a pending high capacity magazine ban by saying 10 rounds are sufficient for females if they are "well enough trained."

Frosh said that if a Maryland woman had a 30 round magazine at home, "the odds of her hurting someone else in the household other than an invader are much higher."

Wilson asked Frosh on what basis he made these statements and reminded him that women in and around the Washington DC area had complained of not being able to get the firepower necessary to stop would-be rapists. O'Connor asked Frosh why he wants to limit women to 10 rounds in a magazine for self defense.

Frosh responded, "Hopefully she is well enough trained so that 10 rounds is enough." 

After O'Connor and Wilson pressed him on this even further, Frosh said: "If you don't feel comfortable with 10 rounds in your magazine, you're probably not good enough to have 30 rounds."

Listen to the entire, remarkeable interview here:


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