Obama Contradicts Himself on Job Market Future, Blames Sequester

After optimistically telling Morehouse College graduates they would be entering a job market that is "improving" on Sunday, President Barack Obama went to a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser hours later and told the high-dollar attendees that the job market actually was not as rosy as he had just claimed. 

At the fundraiser, which Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank hosted, Obama said the Morehouse graduates would be entering a job market that was "challenging" and could even "stall."

When speaking to graduates at Morehouse earlier, Obama said

So the history we share should give you hope. And the future we share should give you hope. You’re graduating into a job market that’s improving. You live in a time when advances in technology and communications puts the world at your fingertips. Your generation is uniquely poised for success unlike any before it.

At the fundraiser, Obama blamed the sequester for potentially causing the job market to halt in his remarks to donors

But what I think you're all aware of is that our job is not finished; that those Morehouse graduates that we just saw, they’re entering into a job market that is still challenging, and because of some policies in Washington like the sequester, growth may end up slowing and we may start seeing once again the job market stall in ways that makes it a lot harder for them to realize their full potential.

According to the invitation, couples could attend the fundraiser with a $10,000 donation or be a "sponsor" with a $32,400 donation. 


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