2nd Grader Reprimanded, Described As 'Disruptive' for Drawing Picture of Gun

A second grader at Talbott Elementary, Colorado Springs, was taken to the office and accused of being "disruptive" for drawing a picture of a gun after his teacher assigned him to look at the sky and draw what he imagined. 

According to KKTV.com, 8-year-old Kody Smith said the teacher said, "Draw a picture of what you see in the clouds from your imagination." He added: "And that picture is a gun."

For doing this Kody was taken to the office and a "behavioral report" was written up on him. 

His dad responded by saying, "It hurts. It hurts that he was so scared for being penalized for his imagination."

His mother added: "He's 8 years old. He was doing exactly what he was told do to for the assignment."

The "behavioral report" written up on Kody claims his "behavior...[was] disruptive to the entire learning community."

Photo Credit: KKTV

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