Busted: Charlie Rangel Caught Using His iPad During Primary Debate

“Congressman, are we paying attention here, or what are we doing with the iPad?” asked local debate moderator Diana Williams during a primary debate with Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY).

Rangel was shown on camera browsing on an iPad during a debate in which he casually dismissed his challengers' criticizing his record in Congress.

Later Williams chided Rangel a second time as he continued to fumble with his iPad.

“Congressman, are you Googling during this debate?” she asked sternly.

“No. I just wanted to show that what he was picking out was consistent…”

“But it’s not fair,” Williams interrupted, pointing out that it wasn’t fair for him to use his iPad during the debate.

“Well I was gonna show him, but you’re right…” Rangel admitted, referring to a comment made by his opponent.

Rangel was dismissive of his opponents during the debate, accusing State Senator Adriano D. Espaillat of using racial rhetoric to win the election.

“Just what the heck has he done, besides saying he’s a Dominican?” Rangel asked.

“He wants to be the Jackie Robinson of the Dominicans in the Congress, which is ambitious, but the fact is that Jackie Robinson was a star before he reached the major leagues, and he's not a Jackie Robinson,” Rangel said.


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