John McCain: No Good Options for Dumped Border Kids

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) asserted that the problem with foreign children dumped on the southern border was a significant one – but admitted that he was troubled about a solution for dealing with the problem.

“It’s a humanitarian disaster; frankly I have no good answer to it,” he said to reporters on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

McCain said that he didn’t think that the illegal children should be allowed to stay, asserting that it would have been better if they hadn’t crossed the border in the first place. He also criticized the false message of amnesty to illegal immigrants which was drawing them to cross before immigration reform passed.

“The word has spread, 'Get up there before the immigration bill is passed and you will be eligible for citizenship,'” he said. “The word is out that if you can get here before passage of immigration reform, you can get a free ride – and that’s not true.”

McCain admitted that the latest crisis at the border would significantly harm any effort to pass some sort of immigration bill.

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible," he said. "And it is harming our chances of getting comprehensive immigration reform done because people are so angry about this.”

McCain admitted that he wasn’t sure what Obama was planning to do about the problem either.

“I don’t know, this whole thing, and I’ll place part of the blame on Congress for not acting; this whole thing has turned into a humanitarian tragedy… there’s not going to be any good options,” McCain said.


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