Joe Biden: James Foley Beheading Does Not Change U.S. Approach to Islamic State

During a visit to Goodwin College in Connecticut on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden indicated that the beheading of American journalist James Foley would not change the United States approach to ISIS.

Biden was asked by an AP reporter about the event. According to the White House pool report, Biden denied that it would change US policy but pointed out that it shined a spotlight on the horrors they were committing.

“The sheer savagery and brutality... of ISIS... has just shocked the whole world,” he said.

Biden also criticized ISIS for trying to “wipe out” Iraqi citizens including Muslims.

“I’m proud of the President stepping forward,” Biden noted while noting the horrors under the terrorist organization.

He noted that in some places, agents of ISIS were actually auctioning off young girls as slaves.

“This is just something out of the sixth century, the fifth century,” he said. "They will not last. They will not succeed."


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