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Iraqi soldiers remove a Kurdish flag from a checkpoint in Bashiqa, Iraq, Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017. Iraqi forces took control of the mixed Yazidi-Christian town of Bashiqa on the northeastern outskirts of Mosul on Tuesday. Kurdish forces pulled out of disputed areas across northern and eastern Iraq a day after handing Kirkuk to federal forces amid a tense standoff following last month's vote for independence. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

Kurdish Outlet: Shiite Militias Beheading Peshmerga in Kirkuk

The Kurdish Rudaw news service reported Wednesday on abusive and offensive behavior by the Iran-backed Shiite militia forces occupying Kirkuk, accused the U.S. military of turning a blind eye to the Iranian invasion, and, most disturbingly, accused Shiite fighters of beheading captured Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers.

Kyriakos Georghiou mugshot - alleged beheading of his mother

Texas Man Decapitated His Mother, Knifed Father, Say Prosecutors

HOUSTON, Texas — Prosecutors with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office say a Houston man decapitated his mother and stabbed his father Sunday afternoon. Earlier this year, a court released the alleged attacker on bond after he reportedly punched his 76-year-old mother in the face.


Islamic State Strikes in ‘Hub City’ for Libyan Migrants

The Islamic State raised its threat profile in Libya by attacking the heart of Sabratha, a coastal city described by the UK Daily Mail as a “hub for migrants heading for Europe.” While in control of the city’s security headquarters, ISIS militants decapitated 12 members of the staff, then used their corpses to build a roadblock against returning security forces.

Islamic State Issues Flu Advice To Syrians

TEL AVIV – The Islamic State organization has published pictures of its militants executing an Iraqi man who was accused of “cursing” Allah. The middle-aged “defendant” was beheaded in front of a live audience after his verdict was read out