Martin Short Hints Palin Racist, Compares Bachmann to Taliban

Could someone please tell Martin Short the GOP primaries are essentially over?

Short, the star of "Saturday Night Live," "Three Amigos" and "Father of the Bride," appeared on "The Tonight Show" this week and proceeded to trash the GOP's presidential lineup as if it were still 2011. He threw in a little Sarah Palin bashing by default. In liberal comedic circles, that's evergreen material that requires no thought whatsoever.

Short called Palin "a woman who had never met a black man," dubbed Rick Santorum a "crazy Catholic" and compared Michele Bachmann to the Taliban.

As for the GOP's presumptive presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Short said he's so white "Charlie Sheen tried to snort him."

Not sure why Short is hung up on race, but it would be nice if he refreshed his CNN phone app so he could catch up on the news of the day - or at least the month.

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