Hollywood for Censorship: Russell Simmons, Questlove Join Midler's Battle vs. Filmmaker

Bette Midler cast aside freedom of speech earlier this week by saying the filmmaker responsible for the anti-Muslim movie in the news should be charged with murder.

Midler isn't alone in shoving aside the First Amendment.

Both hip hop mogul Russell Simmons and "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" musician Questlove are siding against free speech. When you're an unabashed supporter of President Barack Obama, party loyalty trumps the right to create, apparently.

Questlove, who once played a hateful song as the intro to Fallon guest Michele Bachmann, Tweeted to porn star turned political pundit Jenna Jameson, "i was thinkin WE should not makin propaganda films that would endanger our country" ... and, "why isn't anyone coming down on [name redacted by Breitbart News] for putting our country in danger?"

Simmons wondered if making a movie critical of Islam should even be legal in his own Tweet:

Russell Simmons tweet

Wonder how Simmons feels about Bill Maher's "Religulous?"


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