Let Them Eat Cake: Obama Celebs Party in Manhattan During Hurricane Aftermath

As millions suffered without power and as law enforcement continued to find bodies in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Bette Midler and her Obama-supporting pals found time to throw a lavish Halloween party in Manhattan, just miles from where streets remained underwater.

These 1 percenters seemed blissfully unconcerned about the situation just a few blocks away, as they partied late into the night at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Midler was joined by Michael Kors and, fittingly, Debra Messing dressed as Marie Antoinette. Really.

Midler is a loud and proud Obama supporter, recently tweeting: "All the things Pres. Obama put in place are starting to work! Just starting! Don't give up the Ship of State to the untrustworthy." She also suggested that the YouTube filmmaker blamed by the Obama administration for the Benghazi attacks be jailed.

Debra Messing is an Obama backer. So too is Kors.

Al Gore was slated to show up to give the keynote address. He couldn’t make it, Midler tweeted, thanks to the Hurricane and global warming.

Midler raised $1.8 million for her charity. She did, however, add that throwing this event was "unbelievably stressful" thanks to Sandy. 


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