Kim Kardashian Still Smarting Over Death Threats, Vows to Study Middle East Conflict

There's nothing wrong with a reality show starlet trying to study matters beyond overnight ratings and paparazzi feeding frenzies.

Paris Hilton once promised to change her party-hearty ways after a brief prison stay.

Now, Kim Kardashian is trying to educate herself on the thorny mess that is the Israeli/Palestinian divide. Kardashian will use her upcoming trip to the Middle East to meet with local leaders from both sides to get a better understanding of the forces behind the endless conflict.

What if she learns the wrong answer according to the inflexible Left?

We've already seen Kardashian receive hate messages and death threats for simply wishing peace for Israel. What happens if she comes home from her fact-finding mission and still believes the Jewish state is deserving of peace?

The whole incident smacks of the re-education mess Tracy Morgan endured after he shared a crude, anti-gay message in one of his stand-up routines. Morgan's re-education was officially observed by GLAAD. Kardashian appears to be taking this project on of her own volition, but surely she understands what will happen if she ends up siding with Israel.


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