Kiss Bassist Gene Simmons: Pundits Pick on Tim Tebow Because He Is Christian

During a Sept. 13 appearance on Fox & Friends, KISS bassist Gene Simmons said the media only picks on Tim Tebow because the faith he practices is Christianity. 

Simmons said:

All those pundits in the peanut gallery who pick on [Tim Tebow] because he is an avowed Christian, and proud of it, demonstrate the [most] heinous thing in sports reporting. Because [Tebow] is a man who believes in his God, and people pick on him. If he was a Jew or a Muslim and [was this faithful], people would never care. But for some reason, because he's a Christian, you're allowed to pick on him.

Simmons said the journalists who have treated Tebow this way "ought to be held accountable."

He said they overlook guys who "torture dogs" or "are perhaps going to jail for murder," but if a guy believes "in Christ his Lord, then it's open season on him."

Simmons then looked into the camera and asked, "What country are we living in?"

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