'South Park' Slams Stand Your Ground Law, Swallows Race Narrative in Zimmerman Acquittal

Conservatives applaud Comedy Central's South Park for daring to mock both the left and the right.

This week, it was the left's turn to see some of its favorite targets shredded by those foul-mouthed pre-teens.

This week's new episode gave the venerable show the chance to employ the left's narratives regarding the George Zimmerman case and Florida's Stand Your Ground laws.

In World War Zimmerman, the series took some comic beats from Brad Pitt's zombie movie World War Z but directly references the Trayvon Martin case as its main satirical enemy. Rather than zombies attacking Pitt's character, it's outraged black citizens reacting to the Zimmerman verdict. That's all in Cartman's dream, but the show goes on to cherry pick elements of the Zimmerman case that mirror the left's interpretation of reality.

The show's Zimmerman character is called upon to kill another black teen--because he's the best at it--and the writers depict the popular Stand Your Ground laws in the most cartoonish of terms.

The cartoon Zimmerman is eventually electrocuted (repeatedly) once a jury discovers he shot a white teen, not a black one as originally thought.


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