The Left's e-War On Rush

As part of their 2012 battle strategy, the Left is busy spinning myth from fiction and pressuring advertisers to abandon the Rush Limbaugh show. Despite an apology from Limbaugh, AOL suspended advertising today, making it sponsor number eight to do so.

What is now obvious is, this is not about civil discourse, as some would allege. One can find instance after instance of television and radio hosts on the Left making the same comment Rush did, and much worse, against Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham and other conservative women, yet, there was no outrage from the Left then, supposedly in the defense of women, none at all. To her credit, Kirsten Powers, no far-right ideologue, was honest in pointing that out.

Yet, even today, alleged victim Sandra Fluke went on television's The View and suggested people should get their information from Media Matters. That, as much as anything, should tell you precisely what's going on here.

This story is about freedom of speech and liberty, from the left and the Obama administration's attack on freedom of religion that started it, as pointed out by Big Journalism editor, Dana Loesch - to now trying to opportunistically silence Limbaugh.

The Obama administration withered for several weeks under the intense criticism from Catholic leaders regarding the forced violation of religious liberty within the HHS mandate. In an effort to turn the tables, Democrats suggested that the GOP want to abridge womenís rights because Republicans expect women to obtain and pay for their own birth control.

What conservatives in and on New Media must comprehend is, that by using Twitter, Facebook, email and other means of communication, the left has become practiced at applying pressure in a manner that creates controversy, than takes advantage of it. In this case they are doing that by contacting Limbaugh sponsors and even other media outlets to influence coverage, or opinion.

In a post titled, "Welcome to total political war," Bill Jacobson highlights another radio host being pressured to get on board and slam Limbaugh. This is an e-empowered institutional left, the same one we fight every day and at every turn. And we must fight it today, not only, or even chiefly for Rush Limbaugh, but for conservative values, freedom of thought and expression and liberty. Ths ugliness is orchestrated, happening by design, not happenstance, and Stalinesque in spirit. Yet, the mainstream media will likely draw no attention to that.

Certain sponsors of The Kim Komando Show were also sponsors of the Rush Limbaugh Show. To that end, I had not brought pressure on those sponsors to discontinue their advertising schedules with The Rush Limbaugh Show. Therefore, I must, in some way agree with Mr. Limbaughís positions. Further, as a woman, I should be especially sensitive to his comments and should have been among the first to denounce him.

Former Reagan speech writer Jeffry Lord takes up the cause at the American Spectator. You will find everything there you need to become engaged and fight back. Failure to do that now will only ensure that the day will come when they will be targeting you, or this, or that conservative voice or leader that you appreciate, even if not a Limbaugh fan. This is not Rush's, or any one person's battle, like it, or not, this is our battle, now - and we must stand up together and with Rush and be heard.

Rally for Rush

Carbonite CEO tied to time for conservatives to fight blacklisting?

Right on cue, the blacklisting crowd came out of their Stalinist caves. Having driven Lou Dobbs from CNN, cut off Beck's windpipe at Fox, severed Pat Buchanan from MSNBC, thus emboldened they have now set their sights on Rush.


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