Georgia Blogger Responds to Lawsuit from Democrat Political Director

Last night, Georgia political blogger Andre Walker told Breitbart News, "I am not easily intimidated. I don't scare easily." He was responding to a lawsuit filed by Rashad Richey, political director for the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), who accuses Walker and other bloggers of defaming him by calling him a felon and a recidivist. Breitbart News reported last month that Richey has had several run-ins with the law.

Walker called Rashad's suit "pure intimidation."

"Nothing on my site is untrue," said Walker, referring to his blog, Georgia Politics Unfiltered. "It’s actually all true, and I can’t believe I’m being sued for telling the truth." Walker sounded ready for a fight, if need be.

Walker's attorney, John Sparks of Atlanta-based Austin and Sparks, has answered Richey's suit (see below). He's also filed a letter requesting the suit be withdrawn within 30 days under threat of countersuit pursuant to Georgia's Abusive Litigation Statute and a notice of video deposition.

Walker also said he has received strong support from the conservative grassroots movement in new media, with some emailing to tell him to "keep up the fight." Yesterday, Walker goaded Richey on his blog, asking him to donate to his defense fund.

P.S., Rashad, if you want to contribute to the Georgia Politics Unfiltered Legal Defense Fund, I'd be more than happy to take some of your money.

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