NY Times Reporter: Obama Doesn't Like Camp David Because There Is 'No Golf'

New York Times White House Correspondent Helene Cooper shared a scoop on "The Chris Matthews Show" over the weekend - she knows why President Barack Obama isn't eager to spend time at Camp David, the plush presidential retreat. 

“I have figured out why President Obama does not like Camp David," Cooper said. "No golf."

Cooper said Obama “hates” going to Camp David, and she had never been able to understand why President Oama doesn't like going there until her most recent trip there with the Commander in Chief. 

Said Cooper: “Everybody's going, ‘why doesn't he spend more time up there?’ ... No golf ... It’s all about the golf.”  

Obama is notorious for playing nearly 100 rounds of golf during his presidency and, just last week, in what The Hill called a “breach of long-held tradition,” Obama’s motorcade ditched the White House press pool after Obama played a round of golf at Andrews Air Force Base. 

Had a Republican president disliked Camp David because there wasn’t enough holes of golf for him to play, the mainstream media would have lambasted and impugned him for being out of touch. But nobody on the show's panel made a fuss, and it is doubtful the rest of the mainstream media will.

Cooper’s comments can be seen here.


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