Ratings: America Turns to Fox News During Navy Yard Shooting

After years of shrill bias and embarrassing bungles, CNN long ago lost its crown as the Most Trusted Name in News, especially during major national events. Monday, during and after the horrific mass-shooting at the Navy Yard, America once again proved that true. Fox News trounced its competition in both total viewers and 25-54 demo viewers:

Total Viewers during primetime:

FNC: 1.541 | MSNBC: 673 | CNN: 852 | HLN: 297

Demo viewers during primetime:

FNC: 324 | MSNBC: 190 | CNN: 288 | HLN: 133

During the total day, the results were virtually identical:

Total viewers:

Total day: FNC: 1.601 | MSNBC: 541 | CNN: 922 | HLN: 321

Demo viewers:

FNC: 334 | MSNBC: 150 | CNN: 303 | HLN: 129

It is also worth mentioning that while CNN, CBS, and NBC have taken varying amounts of criticism for factual errors during their respective coverage, Fox News has received none.


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