Military Gun-Free Zones Clarified, Implemented Under Bill Clinton

With the April 2 shooting at Ft. Hood--the second such shooting at that base in five years--it is important to remember that military gun-free zones were implemented under President Bill Clinton.

As Breitbart News reported on September 17--the day after Aaron Alexis opened fire on unarmed personnel in the gun-free DC Navy Yard--military bases became gun free zones just months into Clinton's presidency.

To be fair, the original directive (5210.56) relating to military gun-free zones was issued during the last months of President George H.W. Bush's presidency. Then, a regulation (AR 190-14)--which revised and implemented 5210.56--was issued just months into the Clinton presidency.

Because of this, The Washington Times reported that "one of President Clinton's first acts upon taking office in 1993 was to disarm U.S. soldiers on military bases." They reported this on November 11, 2009--six days after Nidal Hasan pulled a gun in the military gun-free zone at Ft. Hood, killing 13 and wounding 31.

On April 2, 2014, Army Spc. Ivan Lopez brought a gun into the military gun-free zone at Ft. Hood, killed three soldiers, and injured 16 others before killing himself. 

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