Toyota is Leaving, but Sriracha Hot Sauce Will Stay in California

Toyota may be leaving for Texas, but Sriracha Hot Sauce is staying put. That is the latest news from the troubled condiment manufacturer, whose plight has become a cause célèbre for locals irritated by the state's onerous business regulations, but which in the end could not afford the distance from the peppers needed to make its signature product. 

The company may, however, expand into other states, according to NPR.

That does not meant the fight is over. 

Texas continues its attempt to woo Huy Fong, which makes Sriracha, and Texas State Rep. Jason Villalba is visiting the company Monday with a delegation to make its pitch. 

Local politicians have also made their pitch to the company, started by a Vietnamese refugee from communism, with the Los Angeles Country Republican Party passing a resolution last month to keep Sriracha in town.


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