UKIP Candidate Slams 'Private Eye' After Death Threats

A UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate has hit out at the satirical magazine Private Eye after it published his telephone number, resulting in death threats and a number of prank phone calls.

Mike Hookem, a local businessman and UKIP candidate in the Yorkshire and Humber region, began receiving phone calls and threatening text messages after Private Eye mocked his misspelled business card in its weekly magazine. 

Hookem's business cards apparently read 'independance' rather than 'independence' -- a typographical error caused by his local printer. 

But instead of wasting time and money having 5000 more reprinted, Hookem used the cards at his disposal, leading to mockery from Private Eye

The magazine failed to obscure Hookem's telephone number and other details, which resulted in a number of aggressive phone calls and threatening text messages, including one that reads, "You want to be very careful, we are watching you and we kick to kill". 

Hookem, who is now a UKIP candidate in the May 2014 European Elections, served for four years in Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF), joining when he was just 17. He then spent nine years as a reservist for the Commando Engineers. 

Hookem told Breitbart London: "If Private Eye wants to have a dig at me then fair enough. I'm in politics, I expect to get bricks thrown at me. But to publicise my data is wrong.

"I have a daughter who is now frightened to death that someone is going to kidnap her. My wife is worried that we're all going to get murdered. It has impacted the whole family".

Another text message received by Hookem and seen by Breitbart London reads, "Typical,shithead Nazi scum such as yourself cannot even spell independence.Fucking moron."

Police are now said to be investigating the messages.


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