Official: Oxford Dictionary Says You Can Get 'C**ted' and 'Twerk'

This month’s update to the Oxford Dictionary includes the words 'c**ted', 'c**ting', 'c**tish' and 'c**ty'. The expletives now join the list of 750,000 English words defined by the dictionary. 'Twerk' and 'Selfie' were added at the last update.

Along with the 'c**ty', the words 'Old Etonian', 'Rt. Hon.' and 'Right Honourable' have also been included for the first time, although the choices are believed to be unrelated.

Mark Clarke, Chief Executive of the Trade Union Reform Campaign expressed his annoyance that the word 'Pilgrim' has not been added. In political circles, 'Pilgrim' has come to refer to trades union officials paid for by the taxpayer. The new usage came about in honour of Jane Pilgrim, who was paid £45,000 a year by a London hospital to act as a full-time trade union activist.

Mr Clarke said: "I'm hugely disappointed that Pilgrim didn't make the list, but at least now I can legitimately refer to the lack of action by the OED as c**tish. Either way we will be back next time, making the case for the addition of this important piece of political terminology."

The Oxford English Dictionary is the world's most comprehensive single-language print dictionary according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

A full list of updates is available here, readers should be aware that the list includes the c-words in full.


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