Britain Didn’t Really Vote For The Eurovision Bearded Lady: We Voted For The Hot Polish Girls

Ever since Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, progressives in countries like Britain have been pretty smug because they gave her the full 12 points. But The Spectator reports that they have missed an important point: the British public’s favourite act was in fact Poland.

As previously explained on Breitbart London, the phone vote is combined 50/50 with the views of some faceless judges to produce the final result. The British judges put Poland 25th, which meant that they got no points at all despite topping the phone vote. To make matters worse, the judges scores are put together at the dress rehearsal the night before, meaning that there was no point in calling in for Poland by the time the voting started.

The half judge, half phone vote was brought in because people were voting for their favourite country not their favourite song. It may well be that the relatively poor Polish entry did well on the phone vote because of influxes of immigrants from the country in recent years. But whatever the reason for Poland’s unexpected win, let us not fool ourselves into saying the British public wanted Conchita to win: they did not.

In fact the British public’s favourite act was everything the progressives would hate: a group of good looking ladies in traditional clothing. Some of them did traditional dancing, whilst others used things like scrubbing boards to move in a sexually suggestive way.

The song was entitled “We Are Slavic” and was basically an in joke about how hot Slavic women are. Amusing therefore that we are now being told that Saturday's result proves that we in the West of Europe are teaching those backward easterners a thing or two about modern equality and gender stereotypes!


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