Teachers at Bradford School Suspended for 'Refusing to Impose Strict Islamic Model'

Teachers at a school in the city of Bradford in northern England were suspended after a battle with governors who allegedly wanted to introduce strict Islamic practices.

The principal of Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College, Jennifer McIntosh, also faced attempts to oust her and her deputy amid fears that hardline Muslim governors were trying to impose an Islamist agenda on the secular school.

The Independent reports that the battle came to a head after governors wanted to pay Tahir Alam to train them. Mr Alam is chair of Governors at Birmingham's Park View Academy which is at the centre of fears of an Islamist takeover.

The governors at Laisterdyke were thwarted, however, when they were sacked en masse by the local council in April after a damning report by school inspectors. The authority said it had concerns over the governors' "actions and effectiveness".

One of the governors, Faisal Khan, who also an independent councillor on Bradford Council, was accused by a colleague of "wanting to turn Laisterdyke into Park View" and of leading a "concerted effort" to oust Mrs McIntosh and her deputy.

The Independent says that he was also filmed describing how he and fellow governors tried "for a number of years" to "change the head teacher".

Several schools in Birmingham have been at the centre of an alleged plot by Islamists to infiltrate governing bodies, replace staff and impose strict Islamic values. The plot came to light after a letter, now believed to fake, was sent to the local council giving details of the plot. It was nicknamed 'Operation Trojan Horse'.

The Education Secretary ordered an emergency inspection of 21 schools in Birmingham, but these latest revelations will lead to fears that the plot has spread to other cities in Britain.

An anonymous source at the school said: "Over recent months there have been ongoing battles between the governors and Jennifer McIntosh which I have witnessed first-hand.

"The tactics used at the school are reminiscent of those employed in Operation Trojan Horse, with governors constantly questioning decisions, school results and vociferous complaints from the community."


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