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Iraqi supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr attend Friday prayers in Baghdad's Sadr City April 1, 2016, a day after the influential Shiite cleric ordered his followers to end a two-week sit-in in the capital calling for government reform. Sadr ordered his followers to end the sit-in on March 31 after the country's premier proposed new ministers for a technocratic cabinet that he had demanded. / AFP / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE (Photo credit should read AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

Government Rejects Ban On Friday Prayers In Prisons

The British government has vetoed plans to ban Friday prayers for Muslim prisoners who may “abuse” them to spread extremism. Officials feared a proposal to force Muslims to worship alone in their cells would fuel discontent and lead to even


Malaria On The Rise In Greece After Migrant Surge

Greece has been forced to suspend blood donations after a spike in cases of malaria, believed to have been brought over by the large influx of migrants who have entered the country. So far, 12 municipalities have out of 325


Germany Faces €67 Billion Bill For Child Migrants

Children granted refugee status in Germany will cost the country an extra 67 billion euros (£58bn/$76bn) to educate, according to an assessment of the costs of the migrant crisis. Around 40 per cent of the million+ people who arrived in Germany


Migrant Violence Rises In Calais As Police Numbers Decline

The situation at the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp has become “uncontrollable” as police numbers drop and migrant numbers rise, the town’s mayor has said. Natacha Bouchart said that migrant numbers at the camps around Calais had reached a record 9,000 and


Turkey Accused Of Aiding Islamist Extremism In Leaked Report

Germany has accused Turkey of supporting terrorist organisations like Hamas and the Islamist opposition in Syria, a leaked report reveals. Berlin believes that Turkey has been deliberately financing radical groups with the direct consent of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as


British Government Vows To Match EU Cash After Brexit

The British government will cover the costs of lost European Union (EU) funding for universities, farmers, small businesses and infrastructure projects after Brexit, the Chancellor has said. Philip Hammond promised that projects currently receiving EU money will have that funding

cardinal burke

Top Cardinal: Islam Wants To Dominate The World

A senior cardinal has said there is “no question that Islam wants to govern the world” and the only way to save Western civilisation is to return it to its Christian roots. Cardinal Raymond Burke said that while Muslims were


Make Britain Suffer, Says Man Who Wrote Article 50

Britain should be made to suffer as it leaves the European Union in order to stop other countries following it, the man who drafted Article 50 has said. Giuliano Amato, a former Italian Prime Minister, said that Brussels should offer