Sports Illustrated Runs Photo of Gay Men Kissing in Super Bowl Preview Issue

For its current Super Bowl preview issue, Sports Illustrated decided to run a photo of two gay men kissing at a gay bar in San Francisco's Castro District.

NBC's Bay Area affiliate noted a photographer took the photo of people celebrating at the gay bar called "Hi Tops" when the 49ers clinched a spot in the Super Bowl. 

The photo is on page 48 of the current issue and may startle readers unaccustomed to seeing such images in their communities let alone in the pages of Sports Illustrated

With the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl and representing a city many gay people call home, media outlets have used San Francisco's appearance as a way to discuss gay and lesbian issues. 

NBC's Bay Area affiliate noted the 49ers are also a part of the "It gets better" campaign, which is aimed at young gay people. 


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