LeBron James, Wife Shot Fully Automatic Rifles to Ring in New Year

On New Year's Eve, Miami Heat star LeBron James and his wife, Savannah, went to Lock & Load Miami, where they shot fully automatic rifles then posed for pictures with the targets they decimated.

According to TMZ, James shot an H&K MP5--a gun popular gun with law enforcement SWAT teams and federal agencies--and "a M-249 SAW."

The M-249 is an extremely popular weapon with U.S. military personnel and can be shot either by using ammunition magazines or by using linked, belt-fed ammunition. The video of James shooting shows that he used belt-fed ammo while calmly squeezing off an untold number of rounds. 

Lock & Load Miami contacted Breitbart News to say they rent machine guns and offer machine gun packages to customers who want to shoot full auto. They said James and his wife rented the machine guns they shot. 

From the smiles in the picture, it looks like James and his wife enjoyed it.

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photo: Lock & Load Instagram


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