Dallas Opposition to Illegal Immigrant Shelter Largely Falls Flat

DALLAS, Texas--Backlash to Democratic Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins' offer to shelter up to 2,000 Mexican and Central American minors who entered the United States illegally at the Texas border, was expected during the public comments portion of the July 8 Dallas Commissioners meeting. Even Jenkins had told the Dallas Morning News he anticipated strong opposition with both sides of the debate attending the court. However, a bit of that sizzle fizzled on the opposing side largely due to no-shows.

The courtroom was standing room only by the 9 a.m. meeting start time. Because the immigration topic was not listed on the agenda, public comments for it had to follow the court's considerable amount of scheduled business. Half way through the lengthy meeting even Jenkins quipped that he had a Power Bar, commenting "I feel for the rest of you."

Public comments finally came a little after 12 noon. By then, the room had thinned considerably in both camps -- pro and con. Of the 14 people who signed up to address Jenkins' decision, only nine showed up.

Despite efforts by grassroots groups like Rally Force and the North Texas Tea Party's to get members to the meeting and voice opposition to Jenkins' plan, the comments were dominated by the larger pro-amnesty voices in the courtroom.

Garland resident Rachel Baker Ford called Jenkins' unilateral decision to house the minors in Dallas County "the right thing to do." She went so far to say "we are a village" and called upon Texans to care for the "least among us" before thanking Jenkins.

Other Jenkins' supporters like Dallas resident Eulaine Hall pointed out she had an issue with people "who call them illegals." She insisted the minors illegally crossing over the border were "victims," adding that it would be ungodly, unfeeling, and un-Texan to send them home. Another speaker invoked God in his remarks to "love the alien" because we were once all exiles, likening crossing the border illegally into Texas to Moses leading his people out of Egypt and from slavery.

Two women who spoke offered to wash and fold the clothing of the undocumented alien minors while Jan Snyder of Dallas peppered her comments with a plea that Congress act on passing comprehensive immigration reform. She referred to the migrants as "refugees."

The United Nations just called on the world to call these minors who entered the United State illegally refugees, WFAA reported. Snyder applauded Jenkins for his act and she told the room that this was our responsibility to "pay for our collective role in government what we can't do individually." She couldn't think of a better way to "use our taxes."

The few who attended to speak up on behalf of Texas values did so out of concern that Dallas was moving in the wrong direction like candidate for District 30 Eric Williams who pointed out this is not an American but a Mexican and Latin American issue. He added that it's a "crisis that exploded in America." Another parent worried that resources from his "predominantly blighted Dallas urban community" were being moved to help non-citizens.

Carrollton resident Susan Mardozza expressed serious public health and safety concerns, referencing reported Tuberculosis outbreaks. Last year, Front Page Magazine reported that 60 percent of all lethal, drug-resistant TB was brought into the United States by illegal aliens. Texas resident concerns that infected youngsters may reintroduce illness back into the population has been the hot topic of conservative social media posts.

Breitbart Texas reported on the incidences of lice, scabies, bed bugs, strep throat and coughs that are rampant with the these children as they aren't tested or screened upon entry. 

During his allotted three minutes of talk time, Dallas resident Ralph Goin expressed disappointment with Jenkins taking "the bull by the horns" and doing what "you wanted without public input or discussion with other commissioners" regarding the movement of the third world youngsters into Dallas. He asked Jenkins to his face, "Where do you get the power to do this?"

After the meeting Jenkins told reporters that the government is still touring buildings but should have a decision on where to shelter these minors by the end of the week.

Follow Merrill Hope, an original member of the Breitbart Texas team, on Twitter @OutOfTheBoxMom.


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