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John Jansen / Pro-Life Action League

Group Sends Handcuffs to Abortionists

Eric Scheidler of Pro-Life Action League sent a package to every abortion clinic in the country that includes a pair of handcuffs, a photo of a recently arrested abortionist, and a note: “Could you be next? If you want to get out of the abortion business, give me a call.”

March for Life Expects 500,000

Up to 500,000 mostly young people are queued up to rally for unborn children on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, January 22, in what has become the largest ongoing civil rights march in American history.
Greg Baker / AFP

The Dangers of a World Without Women

A few years ago the New York Times ran a story about North Korean farmers selling their daughters for food to Chinese men. New stories are coming to light about Burmese women being sold on the Chinese market. The Chinese

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