Tran-Speak, Exclusion, no Science: How Obama’s Pro-Transgender Rules Impact K-12 Teenagers


President Barack Obama’s aggressive new federal transgender rules require 55 million K-12 kids and teachers to speak in a new government-approved dialect, to ignore what science says about sex, and to comply with privacy-violating orders whenever even one teen in their school claims to have a “gender identity” problem.

Obama described the new federal agency directive and instructions, which were announced May 9, as “here’s how there are schools that have been wrestling with this problem, and have, we think, done a good job in accommodating them in a way that is good for everybody.”

The documents cite examples from far-left, pro-transgender schools in New York, D.C., California and elsewhere, that Obama is now imposing on all 100,000 K-12 schools and their 55 million American kids and teenagers. The italicized paragraphs are quotes from the 25-page instruction book.

  • First, all normal kids, teenagers and teachers must shut up, salute, and get with the government’s program or be punished, even for questioning the biological sex of a “transgender” youth during science class. They also have to learn a new language of novel pronouns — “ze” and they” instead of “he” and “she” — for transgenders who declare themselves as something other than male or female.

The [D.C. Public Schools] Guidance provides examples of prohibited harassment that transgender students sometimes experience, including misusing an individual’s preferred name or pronouns on purpose, asking personal questions about a person’s body or gender transition, and disclosing private information.

  • If a girl is uncomfortable with a teenage boy in the girls’ locker room, too bad. She needs to follow orders, shut up and get out so the transgender can get in.

The Washington State Guidelines provide that any student who wants increased privacy should be provided access to an alternative restroom or changing area. The guidelines explain: “This allows students who may feel uncomfortable sharing the facility with the transgender student(s) the option to make use of a separate restroom and have their concerns addressed without stigmatizing any individual student.”

  • If the girl refuses to comply with the new gender identity, anti-sexes orthodoxy, then transgender allies, AKA “LGBTQ liaison” can police the conflict.

The DCPS Guidance recommends talking to students to come up with an acceptable solution: “Ultimately, if a student expresses discomfort to any member of the school staff, that staff member should review these options with the student and ask the student permission to engage the school LGBTQ liaison or another designated ally in the building.”

As President Obama told Buzzfeed on May 16, “you can learn from these best practices, this is what we are advising.”

  • All officials must believe any student when he or she claims to have a novel “gender identity,” and cannot ask for evidence of actual feelings or related actions.

The Departments interpret Title IX [law] to require that when a student or the student’s parent or guardian, as appropriate, notifies the school administration that the student will assert a [unusual] gender identity that differs from previous representations or records, the school will begin treating the student consistent with the student’s gender identity.

  • Science and data does not matter, nor does the fact that transgender adults comprise perhaps  0.03 percent of the population, or one in every 2,400 Americans.

Schools generally rely on students’ (or in the case of younger students, their parents’ or guardians’) expression of their gender identity. Although schools sometimes request some form of confirmation, they generally accept the student’s asserted gender identity

As President Obama told Buzzfeed, “you can learn from these best practices, this is what we are advising.”

If some of the nation’s 100,000 public K-12 schools don’t accept Obama’s rules and impose them on their 55 million enrolled children and teenagers, those schools can lose federal funding or get sued, and there’s nothing the GOP-majority Congress can do about the November election.

Obama’s new sex-regulations are intended to promote the far-left idea that people’s feelings about their own “gender identity” are legally and morally more important that normal Americans’ evolved civic respect for the different needs and feelings of the Americans in both of the two different, complementary and equal sexes. In effect, Obama’s rules put government power behind the sex-hating “gender identity” claim, and government power against normal peoples’ preference for the competing-and-fraternizing sexes.

  • When a youth declares himself or herself to be transgender, the sexual privacy of all other students in bathrooms and locker rooms must be subordinated so even a single mixed-sex youth can feel comfortable.

The Washoe County Regulation provides: “Students shall have access to use facilities that correspond to their gender identity as expressed by the student and asserted at school, irrespective of the gender listed on the student’s records, including but not limited to locker rooms.”

  • Sports leagues need to get with the new “gender identity” orthodoxy, so boys’ tough contact sports must accept physically smaller girls, and girls’ leagues must accept physically larger juniors and seniors, or else the lawsuits will be filed.

The NYSED Guidance explains that “physical education is a required part of the curriculum and an important part of many students’ lives. Most physical education classes in New York’s schools are coed, so the gender identity of students should not be an issue with respect to these classes. Where there are sex-segregated classes, students should be allowed to participate in a manner consistent with their gender identity.”

As President Obama told Buzzfeed, “you can learn from these best practices, this is what we are advising.”

  • Under Obama’s new sex rules, loving parents can be kept in the dark while school officials let even troubled youths begin life-changing sexual experiments on themselves.

Parents are often the first to initiate a conversation with the school when their child is transgender, particularly when younger children are involved. Parents may play less of a role in an older student’s transition. Some school policies recommend, with regard to an older student, that school staff consult with the student before reaching out to the student’s parents … California’s El Rancho Unified School District issued a regulation … [that] reminds school personnel to be “mindful of the confidentiality and privacy rights of [transgender] students when contacting parents/legal guardians so as not to reveal, imply, or refer to a student’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

  • School counselors, and the government, can become substitute parents for kids who declare themselves to be transgender, for example, when loving parents are encouraging the child to delay a transgender claim until they’re older.

School counselors can help transgender students who may experience mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress … Schools will be in a better position to support transgender students if they communicate to all students that resources are available, and that they are competent to provide support and services to any student who has questions related to gender identity.

Obama’s rules create a new schoolhouse social structure, where even a single transgender teenager gets the government’s full power to help him or her rewrite the sex and privacy and social rules for all other kids and adults in the school.

In practice, of course, that policy can only be imposed if there’s a police force of teachers, guidance counselors, “LGBTQ liaisons,” lawyers, plus some volunteer parents and cheerleading media, to actually enforce the youth’s wishes against all of the unwilling kids, teenagers and parents in the school.

That’s OK with Obama — and his many political allies who will be paid to enforce his new national rules in 100,000 schools. Throughout his half-hour interview with BuzzFeed, Obama focused on the wishes of the sexually-conflicted less-than-1-percent, while ignoring the preferences and sexual-privacy needs of the normal 99 percent of schoolkids and parents.

We’re talking about kids, and anybody who’s been in school, been in high school, who’s been a parent, I think should realize that kids who are sometimes in the minority — kids who have a different sexual orientation or are transgender — are subject to a lot of bullying, potentially they are vulnerable. I think that it is part of our obligation as a society to make sure that everybody is treated fairly, and our kids are all loved, and that they’re protected and that their dignity is affirmed.

Obama has declared that his gender-identity rules are an issue of “discrimination” for judges to decide, not a democratic issue for voters and politicians to decide. That’s a powerful political strategy, in part, because it allows a few liberal judges to quickly impose national changes. So, for example, just two judges recently backed a legal claim by Gavin Grimm in Virginia, above, which may impose major changes to all the students in his high school.

Obama’s discrimination strategy also encourages his political allies to label their normal opponents bigots, and it pushes his media allies to portray opponents as racists. The discrimination strategy often intimidates politicians and normal people, even though the polls show that the opponents are a majority in the nation, and that most are willing to take some steps to help sex-confused youths and adults.

Generally, polls shows the public is strongly opposed to new sex rules, and even Obama’s supporters don’t like his one-size-fits-all federal rules. After reading the polls, Donald Trump is adjusting his policy to urge the federal government to allow state and local governments — not judges — to work out reasonable political compromises that help both ordinary kids and the few transgender kids.

Already, some kids in Vermont and Missouri are rebelling against the pro-transgender, anti-sexes policy.

Obama’s transgender ideology is now spilling beyond schools that get federal funds and into private businesses.

In New York City, new directives from the Human Rights Council require employers, landlords and all businesses to accept the “gender identity” of anyone who claims one.

The law requires that if someone wants to be known as “ze” rather than “he” or “her,” they have to call them that. The government forces people to call them that novel pronoun. The government compels speech even if that speech is something people and scientists do not believe.

If a person’s violate the new trans-speech law, they can get fined $125,000.

If they persist, they can be fined $250,000.

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, writing in The Washington Post, postulates that someone could insist upon being called “glugga” instead of “he” since pronouns are now totally open ended. The New York law also requires people to use a person’s preferred “title.”

No longer just Mr., Mrs., Miss, or Ms. Even that is now open-ended. Volokh suggested that someone might insist on being called “Milord” or “Your Holiness,” and Americans would be required by law to do it.

Volokh explains that the Supreme Court in Wooley vs. Maynard (1978) decided that people can’t be compelled to use “Live Free or Die” on their state license plate because that would be compelled speech. “But New York is requiring people to actually say words that convey a message of approval of the view that gender is a matter of self-perception rather than anatomy, and that, as to “ze,” were deliberately created to convey that message.”


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